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The textile world at a glance: From innovation to individualization

Discover your personal portal for Groz-Beckert weaving products

Customer Portal Weaving - just a click away

The Customer Portal Weaving opens up the Groz-Beckert weaving digital service world. You not only benefit from a wealth of additional services for your weaving business, but also have access to a wide range of product information, as well as the products you are looking for.

Which product best suits my needs? The comparison function can help you answer this question. All the necessary product information can be accessed quickly and you receive an overview of the differences and similarities between your potential products. The customer portal also offers a wealth of information on weaving technology.

As a Groz-Beckert customer, the Customer Portal Weaving is available to you free of charge.

Buy products whenever and wherever you like

The Customer Portal Weaving makes buying products even easier and more convenient – you can now order your chosen products around the clock. Once you have registered, you can place your orders with just a few clicks. A detailed product description, images and information are available to help you select the best product for you.

A wide range of products is already available online in the Customer Portal Weaving.

1. Product catalog healds - products for manufacturing most diverse fabrics

  1. Flat steel healds
  2. Narrow weaving healds
  3. Rolled wire healds
  4. TWINtec healds
  5. Jacquard healds
  6. RONDOFIL® healds
  7. Leno healds
  8. Repair healds

2. Product catalog drop wires - products for reliable monitoring of warp threads

3. Product catalog drawing-in hooks - products for manual drawing-in

  1. Drawing-in hooks
  2. Reed hooks

Customer Portal Weaving - the online platform for your weaving mill

Via your personal account, you can manage your orders and invoices, as well as your shopping list and order templates, directly in the customer portal – this saves time and ensures that you always have a clear overview.

With the wide selection of order options available, it's up to you whether you place your order directly from the product catalog, via direct order or Excel upload. You also benefit from up-to-date price and shipping information.

Register for the Customer Portal Weaving today at After receiving your personal access data, you can log in directly worldwide at any time.

Availability – all over the world

Groz-Beckert weaving products available around-the-clock and all over the world – with this goal as our focus, we are working every day to make the customer portal available for more countries. You can already access the customer portal from a large number of countries:

  1. America
  2. Belgium
  3. Denmark
  4. Germany
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland
  7. Great Britain
  8. Ireland
  9. Latvia
  10. Lithuania
  11. Netherlands
  12. Norway
  13. Austria
  14. Poland
  15. Sweden
  16. Switzerland
  17. Slovakia
  18. Czech Republic

What does the customer portal offer? – Your advantages at a glance

  1. Find products quickly – thanks to the special search and filter functions
  2. View prices and custom terms and conditions of purchases placed online
  3. Order your selected product easily and conveniently online
  4. View your individual order history & plan future orders today – with the useful shopping list
  5. Manage personal details securely

The customer portal also offers a wealth of tips and useful information. Take a look under the “Information” menu item.

Our tip: the myGrozBeckert app

The free myGrozBeckert app is your personal work tool in the textile world. It not only keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news in the textile industry and on Groz-Beckert, but also offers a handy toolbox and a wide range of digital tools. myGrozBeckert thus provides recommendations, tools and calculation aids to support you through your everyday weaving operations.

You can use the myGrozBeckert app, for example, to:

  1. Convert yarn counts
  2. Determine your heald
  3. Determine drop wire weights
  4. Determine the maximum row density of the drop wires

Discover many more features of the myGrozBeckert app: download now.

Still have questions? Groz-Beckert is here to help.

If you have any questions relating to the Groz-Beckert digital services or require assistance, contact us by e-mail at We are always happy to help.

56,198 products are already available online in the Customer Portal Weaving.